WriterMaya Vitkova
Top castIrmena Chichikova, Daria Vitkova, Kalina Vitkova
Release Year2014
Runtime 2h35


Irmena ChichikovaBoryana
Daria VitkovaViktoria (2nd age)
Kalina VitkovaViktoria (3rd age)
Mariana KrumovaDima
Dimo DimovIvan
Georgi SpasovTodor Zhivkov
Anastasia Ingilizova
Svetoslav DraganovSando
Simeon TsolovStefcho (2nd age)
Ivo KaramanskiStefcho (3rd age)
Miroslav PashovSocialist Man
Eden DeRousseRussian Girlscout


  • Music Kaloyan Dimitrov
  • Director of photography Krum Rodriguez
  • Sound Ivan Andreev, Kamen Atanassov, Petar Kadiiski, Aleksandar Simeonov
  • Set design Atanas Apostolov
  • Costume design Kristina Tomova, Ani Vladimirova
  • Make-up and hair Zoran Kocov
  • Film editing Alexander Etimov
  • Production manager Vessela Banzourkova, Manol Mitrev, Todor G. Todorov
  • Producer Maya Vitkova, Anca Puiu
  • Countries of origin Bulgaria


Dreaming of the West, Boryana is determined not to have a child in communist Bulgaria. Nonetheless, her daughter Viktoria enters the world in 1979, curiously missing a belly button, and is declared the country's Baby of the Decade. Pampered by her mother state until the age of nine, Viktoria's decade of notoriety comes crashing down with the rest of European communism. But can political collapse and the hardship of new times finally bring Viktoria and her reluctant mother closer together? 


CinEast (Bulgaria, 2014)

  • winner - Special Jury Prize

    Maya Vitkova

Munich Film Festival (2014)

  • winner - One Future Prize

    Maya Vitkova

Sundance Film Festival (2014)

  • winner - Grand Jury Prize

    Maya Vitkova

Titanic International Film Festival (2014)

  • winner - Breaking Waves Award

    Maya Vitkova

Bulgarian Film Academy Awards (2015)

  • winner - Best Score

    Kaloyan Dimitrov


It feels fierce and urgent: tremendously designed, acted and shot.

Peter Bradshaw | The Guardian

13.02.2024 | Full review ↗

Eastern Bloc decrepitude has rarely looked as lovely as it does in Maya Vitkova’s “Viktoria,” an offbeat allegorical satire that devolves into a cinematographer show reel.

Nicolas Rapold | The New York Times

28.04.2016 | Full review ↗